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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 20, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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ful time. hundreds light republicaned lts -- candles to remember an officer killed while responding to a crime. >> high school basketball players, city leaders and gathered to mourn the loss of a police officer. jaim capoot -- jim what poot was -- capoot was killed while chasing a suspect. jade is with us now. >> reporter: what this men meant to so many people is evident by looking at this
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memorial. tonight many others shared their memories. hundreds of mourners gathered to remember their fallen officer. >> we owe him a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. >> reporter: he had nearly 20 years of police service to vallejo but has a -- has a -- as a marijuana, father, son -- marine, father, son. >> all jim could talk about was the need of the kids there, the need of the program. >> words can't explain how much he meant to me and the girls at the school. >> reporter: a team he coached to a title championship last year, it was the respect they received which set their coach apart. >> he invited us to his home. he treat ed us like family. he didn't treat us like we were just girls on his basket billion
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team. he -- basketball team. he e treated us like blood. >> he was a man that dave people chance -- that gave people chances. >> i went to visit him at the hospital. i knew he was going to be okay because he was invincible. he's been doing that for years, chasing guys, and he always got them. >> reporter: one young man who's family capoot helped wrote a poem for his hero. >> died doing what they loved best, killed in the line of duty. >> the community can rally together and keep his legacy alive. >> reporter: officer capoot is only the fourth officer in vallejo's 155 year history to be killed in the line of the duty. the capoot family is asking the community to say thank you to any officer they see tonight in honor of james. reporting live, jade hernandez, channel 2 news.
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the family of officer capoot released a same that reeds in part, words cannot describe how much jim will be missed. he loved the community he protected and served and the community clearly loved him. the latest occupy -- occupy oakland encampment didn't last long. it was only 24 hours after protestors first pitched their tent. >> reporter: this is cell phone video shot by a neighbor as police moved in at a park where occupy oakland protestors had set up camp last night. >> they are like you have 20 minute to evacuate, you're on private property. >> the area is residential and neighbors quickly complained to the city. this neighbor says police slowly advanced around 8:00 this morning and the protestors packed their own gear. . >> i was shocked that they took
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their stuff down. >> the occupy oakland displaced camperser did re-- camper did remain on scene. police say there were only 25 tents set up. oakland's mayor says establishing tent is losing favor. >> i think that there's a growing part of occupy oakland that's pushing encampment >> reporter: the mayor says encampments will no longer be tolerated. one protes to says the mayor -- protes to says the -- protest to says the mayor is wrong. >> people are preparing for the winter pretty serious lie. i think you're going to -- seriously. >> reporter: the city says the cost of taxpayers now stands at $2.4 million. it does not include the protests and march yesterday and the clearing of
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the land this morning. sglftd police moved in on some occupy protestors in san francisco. alley reports, police surprised those at the market street encampment with an early morning raid. >> reporter: the front of the federal reserve building you'll find metal barricades but no more tents. it was taken don't over night. -- taken down over night. police moved in around 1:00 and broke down about aen tents -- a dozen tents. some people try today hold their ground -- tried to hold their graund sitting onning the -- ground sitting on the sidewalk. . >> they came after mid nielth when it was rain -- midnight when it was raining. we were setting up tents to protect ourselves >> reporter: until early this morning he had been living at that encampment for the past month. he think it is crack down is about city officials saving faith.
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>> they want to make it about the tents or about some other issue. it's not about that. they're are pro venting us -- presents -- preventing us from protesting. >> reporter: there's still about 200 tents here at the plaza but some of the people believe the police will break up this camp next. >> we feel like it's going to happen in the next 72 hours >> reporter: they say they'll meet tonight to regroup and their movement be continue. . >> it's not perfect but i don't know what in society you can look at and say it is perfect. >> reporter: the people here say the city can't pup -- put up barricades everywhere two officers are paid administrative leave following the pepper straying of occupy protestors that were sitting piecely -- peacely. the president said he was appalled
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by pictures of the incident. he's going to discuss how law enforcement should repound. today the university of davis police chief spoke with reporters and said an investigation into the incident is under way. the chief said it was the decision of one offer to use the pepper spray. >> i see prepper spray -- pepper spray used and you hope it's used correctly. >> the officers involved were not identified but police say one of the officers is a veteran, the other is fairly new @ force -- to the force. stay with us for continuing coverage of the occupy protests should police move in on the san francisco end kafrment we will -- encampment we will bring it to you on air. sgld more an --
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more rain today. a raincoat came in handy in oakland today as the rain came down hefr vi at -- heavy at times. mark shows us what it looked like and he has some of today's rain totals. >> they have moved out of town. this was the radar 24 hours agoful we had two -- ago. we had two phases of the storm moving in. there were some heavier downpour this is morning. most areas picking up a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. oakland had.43. on live storm tracker you can see the live sweep. nothing to show you with partly cloudy skies. here you can pick out the history of today's storm, that area of low pressure drifting down the coast. i'm looking to our north and west. we have some more development.
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i'm tracking another system that could impact your travel plans for the coming week. i'll have more. coming up in al few -- i'll have for coming up in a few service a man was struck and killed by a train. it had about 3:20 this afternoon. oh officials say -- officials say the man walked on to the tracks. he died at the scene. the station was shut down causing mayor -- may jar delays. -- major delays. there is a several lawsuit tomorrow, an oakland man claimed the bar officer and four other bar police officers used excessive force when they arrested him six weeks before he shot and killed officer grant. kenneth i filed the -- filed the lawsuit three months after grant's death. messagerly served a year in prison. today new york city mayor
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michael bloomberg announced the arrest of a terror suspect. jose pimentel was arrested yesterday. he was planning to bomb patrol cars and u.s. troops returning home. a video was shown of the damage one of his comes -- bombs would have done to a police car. he was not part of a lafrjer -- larger conspire sis. >> it was í motivated by his own resentment of the presence of american troop ins iraq and afghanistan. >> investigators say he was on the fbi's watch list for a couple of years but was arrested when he began building his first bomb. he is a u.s. citizen. he faces three terrorism related charges. europen stocks are falling tonight on the news that the
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u.s. soup erp committee -- super committee task was on the brink of failure. they have been frank that there's no agreement on how to cut 1.2 trillion from the central deficit. one democrat called on president omaba to help. the committee is scheduled to vote on wednesday with details of a deal to be announced tomorrow. the committee may be announcing that associations -- negotiations have failed. >> i think we're deep into the fourth quarter but there's still time on the clock. we don't want to let the time run out without trying everything possible. >> if the committee does not find common ground there will be automatic spending cuts, including the defense budget. congress could step in at the last minute to change that requirement. a hero's welcome home for a bay area marine, the great loss
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his division suffered that his family has seen more grateful this thanksgiving holiday. >> those who help others could use your help this year. local charities tell us how great the need is for donations right now. a disturbing crime out of southern california. who is being targeted. we continue in 90 seconds. [ male announcer ] sometimes, a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. is that what i think it is? ♪
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thanksgiving holiday, a heartwarming homecoming for the family of a san francisco marine. we've live now at sfo where the marine was greeted by joyous family and friends. >> reporter: the marine arrived about four hours ago. he is headed back here tonight to leave on a thanksgiving vacation, one already filled with gratitude. a patriot i can procession lined up. >> as he comes through and reaches his mom that's when we give him the big welcome home >> reporter: he joined blue star moms at sfo holding stars and stripes with this anxious mother. >> my heart is pounding >> reporter: she was reunited with her only child. >> i feel like my heart is going to explode. it's just so excite together see him --
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exciting to see him. he's all in one piece. >> i wasn't expecting this at all. it's been a long, long 7 months. >> reporter: a long deployment. he was he was serving in a dangerous region of afghanistan. >> it's a tough job but it's a rewarding job. we did a good job. last good men >> reporter: 17 marines were killed during this deployment. dozens of others were injured. sgltsdz i remember him -- >> i remember him calls me app he was distraught >> reporter: he said each hug and handshake helps. >> it means a lot. write inging a letter does mean a lot. i'm glad to be home. go 4ers. -- glo go 49ers >> he came and said he was most looking guard to getting out of -- forward to getting out of uniform, catching up with family
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and eating. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. a few -- thanksgiving came a few days early for shoulders in iraq. they enjoyed a male today. the -- meal today. the meal is earlier than usual because the camp is closing due to the planned troop with draw. it is bittersweet. >> it was great to be going -- it is great to be going back home to my family. it's my fourth year i've spent here. part of me is here and my main home is with my family. >> on the money you today -- money -- menu today, desserts. feeding those in need in the bay area will be a tough task this holiday season. donations are down and demand is up. al legislation -- al sex savage
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tells us about the -- alex savage tells us about the drives. >> reporter: a tuck -- turkey drive. volunteers unloaded and carted them inside. >> we just like to feed the hungry. we're blessed with everything we have. we like to give. >> reporter: after just the first hour the official hour ki -- turkey counter was at 606789 they need to -- 60. they need to get 100 turkeys a day to feed all the families their expecting. >> they can come down and make a differents. a turkey ---ing a difference. a turkey, canned food, it makes a difference. >> reporter: at the safety way store volunteers from glide me foirl church -- memorial church collected food from shoppers. the reverend said it is the start of a very important food drive. >> if we can meet the people's needs and then we'd make sure
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the people are happy, they feel good about thementss -- themselves and they feel good about families >> reporter: the economic downturn led to fewer donations. they are hoping to get 5, 000 turkeys >> we're up 30 percent in demands and the revenue is down because people are hurting. >> reporter: they will continue collecting food through out the holiday season feeding thousands of people who might other wise go hundred ri -- hungry. two former oakland football stand outs turned nfl stars teamed up with the community to help families in need. mar shawn lynch and josh johnson sponsored their fifth annual family first turkey drive today. family and friends of the two professional football players were at the school today to hand out turkeys to struggling families. >> we've given away over 250
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turkeys. we gave some other things as well. the main that thing is that we blessed over 250 families today. >> mar shawn wasn't able to attend because he was helping the seahawks beat beat -- beat the rams. a lot of people will be traveling. those who fly may have to shell out more to check their bags. they scored from $120 million to $3.4 billion. fees are expect today go up -- expected to go up again this again. -- year. if a bag weighs more than 25 pounds you will see it checked and the fees charged. >> you doint blame -- i don't blame them for continues to do that. -- wanting to do that. their back baggage fees and cancelation fees racked up 1 and a half billion dollars in fees. >> a trade group tells us that
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air fair is just not enough to make a profit when the price of gas keeps going up a night of remember answer -- remembrance took on a meaning after a trance gender person was shot and killed. people gathered today. it's a day to remember people who were killed in hate crimes. on thursday a 32 year old named na nathan vickers vuz -- vickers was shot and killed. >> if kas did was killed because she's a transgender that makes me madder. there's nothing more bad than a bully preying on those people. >> about a half hour after she was killed another person was shot at several blocks away. that person was not injured. new information tonight on the penn state sex scandal the latest allegation, when it took place and what police are saying
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about whether a former football coach was involved. take a look at this, how these fires left one young woman with quite a story about what happened to the car she was driving. today's tomorrow has moved out of town already heading towards southern california. the areas that are going to have dense fog tomorrow morning and the timing of another storm that could effect your holiday travels. fors --
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the sex scandal at penn state is growing with reports of another ae -- assault. someone made a report on wednesday that an incident took place near an out door pool 11 years ago. police say it was an assault by, quote, a known individual, but police would not say if that individual is former football coach engineer vi -- jerry sandusky. they referred the incident to the attorney generals office. he's been charged with 40 counts of child sex abuse. libya's transitional government met to try ka daffy's
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son. they indicted him in june on charges. he was one of those who unleached a cham pain -- cam pin against the kadaffy reseem. today the libyan government announced that his intelligence chief was also captured. he too is wanted by the international criminal courts for alleged crimes against humanity, including murder. in other news of the word from kiro scenes of violence protested between them and the military. 11 people were killed. the most recent ground of violence happened when the military tried to consolidate its power in a new cons constitution -- contusion. the street -- constitution in spain votes elected a conservative agreement in the
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face of the death crisis and wried spread unemployment. they won 45 percent of the votes to the social lists 29 percent. that country unemployment rate is more than 25 percent with 45 percent of young workers out of a job. demonstrators calling for the resignation of the president took to the streets today. there are reports that rebels mounted a gra nayed attack in the capital city. reports of that attack cannot be confirmed. activists say the say salt -- assault targeted the building belonging to the party. a young woman had to explain to her father the car he gave her was badly damaged in an unusual accident. the car was burned when an explosion blue two manhole covers into the air
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and sent blames -- flames on to the street. you can see from these pictures. they think the trouble started with short circuited wires. no one was hurt. hundreds of california state workers facing lay offs may receiver searchs packages. the state compensation insurance fund reached a deal with the sciu. up to 1,800 workers could get packageers starting at $17,000 if they leave by the end of the year. taxpayers are not paying for the deal. stanford university has a new feather in us cap when -- in its cap when it comes to academic achievement. five out of 32 students are from stanford. stanford has never before had three student with that distinction. har yard has -- harvard has the over all
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record. the winners will study at oxford, all expenses paid for two to three years. american pride in tonight's special record for -- report for all the talk about buying items made in the u.s.. we talk about whether people do it. an update on that wild fire until reno that's destroyed dozens of homes, how close firefighters are to containing it. ♪
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in his weekly address president omaba said he wants to focus on gets more products stamped with three words, made in america. what about buying american made prodoesn'ts here in the u.s.? we hit the stores to find out in tonight's special report. >> reporter: it's easy to find
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people who believe in buying products made in america. >> absolutely. i don't buy anything that isn't made in america. >> reporter: no? >> i would rather not have it >> reporter: finding people that do, that's harder? >> some of our clothes are made in america. >> what about the dole? >> -- doll? >> it's china. >> reporter: and her blanket? >> made in china. >> reporter: i bought me some new boots today. i'm hoping their made in the usa are >> made in china. i'm going to go return these. >> reporter: the push is onto buy protickets made in america. the idea is simple, if americans demand products made here, jobs will be created. the global reality is more complicated. >> even if it's assembled in the u.s. part red sox going to be -- parts are going to be coming
10:31 pm
from all over the borl. -- the world. if you're buying a good that was produce in chie ma, a lot of the -- xhie that -- chie ma, a lot -- china a lot of the come opponentses will be from the u.s. >> reporter: even if -- even the items made here can be tough to find. go to the mall and search for this label. . >> hundreds of items here in the store >> reporter: and two or three made in the u.s. does that stop people from buying? >> sometimes >> reporter: like anything, it's a choice. you willing to put down this remote control helicopter and buy this coin collector or thr serial bowl? if you want to buy made in the u.s. in here that's what you'd have to do. the internet is filled with made in america site. >> i want the bird from the rain forest >> reporter: not everything is made in china, we found toys
10:32 pm
made in america. about ten miles away from this mall, a third of the clothe ins this store -- clothes in this store have the tag. >> actually in clothing for must -- more difficult because there's not as much available. al mu -- all my jewelry is local >> reporter: this table is the only item not made in the u.s. commitment comes at a price. >> the price is higher, yeah. that's another problem that i have too because even though people are looking for products made in the u.s. they don't want to pay for it t >> reporter: why? the people we talked to say shopping often comes down to one thing. >> it comes down to price. i guess it does. >> reporter: if it was the same price and made in the u.s. would you pick it? >> yeah. >> reporter: buy ing in the u.s. may be a simple concept, but it's a tougher reality.
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when is the last time you wanted somethingened said -- something and said it's made in china, i'm in the going to buy it -- not going to buy it?. >> never >> reporter: for a holiday total of 465 billion in retail sales this season, how and where people shop matters. voerts attitudes may be right back voters attitudes may -- voters at tide -- attitudes may be changing when it comes to raising taxes. 64 percent said they would be willing to pay higher taxes to fund education. only 35 percent of republican said they would pay higher taxing. it gave california schools a c grade. 64 percent believe their local schools are giving their children an excellent education fiezer has agreed to a cement where the government --
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cement with -- settle. with the government -- settlement with the government. johnson and johnson paid $70 million in fines in april on similar allegation that is it violated the foreign corrupt practices act. sgltsdz now to election -- now to election news. ran paul -- ron paul is being criticized tonight. >> i think we can deinnocented ourselves -- defend ourself with troops back home. you have to keep them around the world, that makes no sense at all. we're bankrupt, we condition afford it. -- we can't afford it >> he was on cbs face the nation. he said the military presence is to blame for anti-american faults in other countries. he stopped short of saying it was america's fault. fellow gop candidate romney is asking president omaba to
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stop those military cuts. he was in new hampshire today telling reporters the cuts would come this week was because the super committee has yet to come up with a deal. he wants the president to push congress to compromise by wednesday and introduce legislation. a community is on edge tonight as the land behind their homes continues to move. take a look at this mess along this coastal bluff in san pee droe. officials say this slow moving landslide is getting so serious city crews have build a fence to come peep out -- people out. it's estimate it had ground is slipping four inch as day horizontally. the fire outside of reno is now 9 # 5 percent -- 95 percent contained tonight. gail force winds on friday sent the wild
10:36 pm
fire racing, destroying 3 # homes. -- 32 homes. they are trying to prevent mud slides this winter. both bay area football teams cuffed up big -- could haved up big -- coughed up big wins today. mark will tell us if rain will interfere with your holiday plans. that's next.
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it was one of those strange weather days today where we had sunshine, heavy downpours and dusty temperatures. all of that moving out of town leaving us with a break.
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the maps you can see our system is heading into southern c california producing some rain showers and thunderstorms. we have clear to partly cloudy skies and some chilly temperatures. santa rosa checking in 42 degrees on track to reach the 30s. this was a time lapse from earlier this afternoon. take a look at the clouds. they're moving from left to right. all those clouds row tasting -- rotating around the system offshore. you can pick out that circulation just drifting down the bay area coastline heading towards southern california. with with this departure we have that dry weather pattern for tomorrow. we still have quite a bit of moisture in place. dense fog can be a concern tomorrow morning. low visibility is coming down to one quarter of a mile. you can have a dense fog advisory, especially for the
10:40 pm
north bay valleys. the over night lows, nap pa in the mid -- napa in the mid 30s. high pressure returns for monday and tuesday. as a result, morning clouds, skies becoming partly cloudy and temperatures back up a few dee agrees come -- degrees in the mid 50s to lower 60s. our next system approaches and we bring if the slight chance -- in the slight chance of some rainfall. shower chances could linger into thanksgiving. here's the fog and the higher clouds tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock. tuesday, dry. we'll take this into wednesday. by wednesday evening this system ginn together move in -- beginning to move in producing some heavier rainfall. tomorrow morning it will be chilly, low 40s. by 12 o'clock partly cloudy and by 34 o'clock temperature -- by 3 o'clock
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tefrtures in the mid -- temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. here is a look ahead at your extended forecast. increasing clouds on wednesday. there's that slight chance of a shower on wednesday, a better bet by wednesday evening. the rainfall developing, chance of a few showers on thursday. partly cloudy skies on saturday and sunday. a busy travel week and very sensitive of the forecast. if you can get -- skip out early on wednesday, that will be the beas plan -- best plan >> and take your shoes off before your -- you go into grandma's house. #k078ing up -- coming up, another tough test for the raiders. >> also we hear from the 49ers after their win today over the cardinals. sports wrap is next.
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good eveningful thapgs for join decide -- good evening. 49ers konlt kick and catch -- couldn't kick or catch but they dominated arizona. you know it's a good sign when the only criticism is their style points. 49ers head coach jim har was tossing the big -- pig skin before kick off today. the 49ers only led 9-0 at halftime but acres missed a field goal and had two other attempts blocked. they come out hotter in the


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